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Axiom IO Hired 20 graduates by reducing the cost to Hire by 80%


About the Client:

Axiom is an information technology company that solves complex cloud problems to empower businesses. With over a decade of expertise in AWS, Azure, and Citrix, Axiom helps high-impact companies go-to meta-organization to harness the power of the public cloud. With over 30+ Cloud Migrations and over 100000+ Virtual desktops launched by 50+ customers, and 100+ Certified Engineers, Axiom solves complex cloud problems for our customers.


Types of Rounds Conducted

  • Pre-Screening Evaluation Round - Online assessment
  • Managerial and HR Round - Face to Face

Number of Hires



Reduced by 80%


Reduced by 60%

The Challenge

Conducting customizable assessments that assess the candidates on multiple tech skills

As a core IT company, Axiom sought to hire students with fine technical knowledge and coding capabilities. Conducting traditional assessments was not sufficing their needs as they were using a lengthy recruitment process that required manual intervention. Having a robust platform that offers automated and flexible assessment options was the client's major requirement.

Dependency on the Senior Engineering team to evaluate Entry level assessment cost a lot to the company

The lack of a smart assessment platform involved a lot of manual effort in evaluating the coding submissions of the candidates at all levels thereby costing a lot to the company with respect to time and ROI. Axiom was looking for an automated scoring solution for both theoretical and coding assessments to overcome this challenge.

Maintaining standardised and accurate reports after each drive

The client conducted multiple drives in different universities and colleges. Maintaining standard and accurate reports after each drive was one of the major challenges requiring workforce and time. The company also expected the platform to offer accurate and detailed reports to understand the students’ performance for comparative analysis at a granular level.

Managing logistics and travelling expenses during the end-to-end recruitment process

For Axiom, the traditional process of conducting the Campus Drive included creating a dedicated HR team that visited one college after another to hire graduates. The company spent a substantial amount and often the team ended up hiring zero or very few candidates from universities, and this made the recruitment process quite expensive.



Customizable assessments with a combination of Core Skill and Coding evaluation were available: -

Axiom wanted to conduct the Campus Drive with different assessment types in a stipulated time without compromising the quality. e2eHiring offered a customised solution with a blend of Core and Coding Assessments options to interview candidates with advanced proctoring features to monitor and maintain the authenticity of the assessments’ results.

e2eHiring platform supports automated scoring for Coding, Video, and MCQs which reduces the dependency on Seniors: -

e2eHiring being an AI-enabled platform offers many innovative features. One of them is an automated scoring system which recently got a patent. With the help of this feature and the keywords used by the candidates while answering the questions, the platform gives scores automatically thereby eliminating the physical dependency on the interview panel.

Automated and detailed report with a comparative analysis of students’ performances :-

e2eHiring comes with an advanced dashboard that gives exhaustive reporting on the varied parameters such as no. of students who applied for the drive, no. who actually appeared for the drive, cleared different rounds with the expected cut-offs, individual scores, final shortlisting, etc.

Axiom is now able to conduct the Campus drive without a physical presence in the college or university: -

With the help of our Campus Drive feature that completely eliminates the manual intervention and focuses on making the overall experience smooth, agile, cost-friendly, and efficient, Axiom was able to shortlist and select candidates in a much faster and more effective way than following a traditional method of conducting drives.



  • The total time to conduct the Campus Drive reduced by almost 80% as the entire drive was conducted in less than half a day
  • The cost incurred to facilitate the drive reduced by around 60% as the online mode of drive saved the logistic, accommodation expenses
  • Efficiency and output of the drive increased by 30% as the online mode ensure maximum participation
  • Authentic and more transparent result as the online mode eliminated the chances of any unconscious bias
  • Tremendous flexibility to set up interview rounds in different formats, sizes, and flow

Favourite Features

  • Candidate Review
  • Auto Screening and Auto Invites
  • In-Platform Interview Scheduling
  • Document Vault
  • Comparative Reports